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January Newsletter

Swan Ballet Dance Schools



An important note to everyone, especially the parents of our teenagers: It is very important for everyone to come to their regularly scheduled classes. If for some reason you cannot make it to class one week, Swan Ballet MUST be informed either by telling your teacher previously or by calling the studio. We have had trouble in the past of students missing classes and not informing their teacher of their absence. Please be respectful of the teachers and staff at Swan Ballet and notify us ahead of any absence.

A huge CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU to all of the dancers, instructors and staff who helped make our 24th annual production of the Nutcracker a great success! Thank you to all the parents for your contributions and support, your help backstage, at the studio, and everywhere. Please bring all of the rental Nutcracker Costumes back within a week. Believe it or not we just received some costumes from last year’s recital. It is very hard for the staff to manage and put together these costumes.

2015 Spring Recital

Believe it or not, our next big event is the 2015 Recital. Please block off the following dates for dress rehearsals and shows: June 15th-23rd. This is a very exciting and rewarding event to participate in, however it does require a great deal of commitment from the dancers and parents. Participation in classes and rehearsals is imperative, so please take the time to think about this before you register. Carefully consider the dates before you register. If you cannot commit, please do not apply. The theme for this recital will be…

Cinderella goes to the Ball & Around the World

As we start to prepare for our recital, our first and most important step is finding out who will be participating. All students are invited and encouraged to dance, but it is not a requirement of the school. Please note that inventories for costumes change daily, we need to know as soon as possible who will be participating in this exciting event. Each class will be learning a recital dance as a whole, but technique will still be taught and the classes will continue to progress.

The recital fees are as follows: PLEASE READ THIS SECTION CAREFULLY!!!

Recital Application and the first payment, which is 50% of the participation fee, are due by Saturday, February 7th, 2015

· Participation fee plus the first dance: $152.00, includes 1st dance.(NON-REFUNDABLE)

· For each additional dance you will be charged for the rental of our costumes at the following cost:

$35 for the 2nd dance; $25 each for the 3rd and 4th dance; no charge after the 4th dance. Total charge for the recital is no more than 4 dances per child. If your child participates in more than one dance, the costumes worn for the additional dances are rental costumes and are to be returned to the studio at the end of the recital. Please be advised, these costumes may or may not fit the dancer to perfection. Minor alterations can be made to create a better fit. Please clear any changes with the studio managers before making them.

· FAMILY DISCOUNTS: If more than one member of a family is participating in the recital, you will receive a discount on the participation fee + first dance ONLY, 10% discount for 2 siblings, 15% discount for 3 siblings.

Discount does not apply to additional dances/rental costumes.

The participation fee includes:

· The first costume, which the dancer keeps;

· Two tickets to the 2015 Recital;

· Auditorium and dressing room rental, hiring technicians and supervisors;

· Music and choreography;

· Overtime for instructors

· Extra rehearsals

Tickets are $16 for children/seniors and $23 for adults. The space in the auditorium may be limited so please reserve any additional tickets as soon as possible. The only way to reserve tickets for the recital is by paying for them in full!

The remainder of the participation fee is due Saturday, February 21st, and all remaining balances for rental costumes are due no later than Saturday March 28th.If you wish to make payments through installments please talk to the studio managers. There will be no refunds at all, for ANY reason, therefore please read through this newsletter/application very carefully before registering for the 2015 Recital.

It is the school's responsibility to choose the costumes and music. Please respect and understand this matter. Dress rehearsals are mandatory! Any conflicts should be discussed with the director immediately. This is a big commitment, so please think about it before signing up.

Volunteers/Parents are needed for the dress rehearsals and shows. If you are interested in helping at both the dress rehearsal and the recital please indicate that on the application form, and our studio manager will then contact you no later than May to schedule the Volunteer Parent Meeting where you will be given your assignments. Dads, don’t be discouraged from helping. We always need assistance with loading and unloading costumes and supplies for our productions; so we ask that you sign up if you are interested and available as well. Thank you in advance!

VIDEOS & PHOTOS: A professional video taping of our recital will be available for purchase. There will also be a professional photographer set up at each studio for class pictures and individual shots. Dates, times, and prices will be posted in each studio closer to the recital.

Swan Ballet Dance Schools


Recital Application form and the first payment are due by Saturday February 7th, 2015

FIRST PAYMENT = (50% of the participation fee)

Normal Rate:$76.00 Family Rate (2 siblings):$68.50 each Family Rate (3+ Siblings): $64.50 each

Number Of Dances

Normal Rate

Family Rate (Two Siblings)

Family Rate (Three or More Siblings)

1Dance + participation fee

$152.00 ---

Keeper Costume

$137 each ---

Keeper Costume

$129 each ---

Keeper Costume

2 Dances

$187.00 ---

Rental Costume ($35)

$172 each ---

Rental Costume ($35)

$164each ---

Rental Costume ($35)

3 Dances

$212.00 ---

Rental Costume ($25)

$197 each ---

Rental Costume ($25)

$189 each ---

Rental Costume ($25)

4 Dances

$237.00 ---

Rental Costume ($25)

$222 each ---

Rental Costume ($25)

$214 each ---

Rental Costume ($25)



Please print clearly and fill out completely:

Student’s Name: __________ _______________ Parent’s Name: __________ _______________________

Home Phone: (___)____________ Work Phone: (___)_______ __ Cell Phone: (___)___________

Studio: FFX CH Class Day & Time: _______________ Size: _______ #of Dances: ________

Would you like to volunteer as a parent helper during the rehearsal and recital? YES NO (please circle)

Your signature below indicates that you understand and agree to all recital information, will meet all payment deadlines, will assure us that your child attends all classes and extra rehearsals, will return all rented costumes promptly after the recital, AND agree not to take flash photography or video recordings during the performance. In addition, you agree to not eat, drink or smoke in the Auditorium, as it is Fairfax County Public School’s Policy. Thank you for your cooperation!

DATE: ________

Parent Signature: ___________________________ Student Signature: ________________________

Lilie Kianpour,
Jan 19, 2015, 10:15 AM